MP Satyapal Singh Ji, hope you get well soon

Social media slammed the Central minister Satyapal Singh on his statement about Darwin’s Evolution Theory and how it is wrong and should not be part of the education curriculum. His statement was backed by only one clause – Our ancestors never saw an ape turning to man as there is no written evidence on it.

Basically, he is asking, that long while ago, during the ‘early ages’ if the apes were turning to man (as if instantly like some automatic roti maker), no man documented it!!!

For a moment, let us humour this minister’s analytical skills.

  • If Ape turned into Man
    • Why no man documented it
      • How would an early man document anyway???
        • Tools, fire, dexterity of fingers…
          • Was all of this given to him on some Flipkart sale?

Right, Flipkart…Amazon. All these online industries must have been found back then too, right Mr. Satyapal ji? Simply because, none of the scripts say – that they were not.

Do you, Mr. Satyapal ji, understand the idea of the ‘Early Age’? There is no scope of a village/town/city to be found during the early ages that you expect your ancestor to come out of his ‘house’ and venture into the ‘jungle’ and document the transformation of an ape to man!!!

Clearly shows how much attention you paid in your science classes, that is, if you had any. And you are part of the HRD ministry, really??? High time that the minister profiles be picked after intense rounds of interview in complete public view like any other job interview. Not just me, several people believe that it is time people like you should be replaced.

On a serious note, I’ll spare the theoretical bashing of this statement as it is too obvious and understood to be put out in an article. But what I want to write about is, how the knowledge of scripts is misused, misinterpreted and our country is brought to shame.

Just because you wear saffron colour clothes and have a ‘tilak’ on your forehead, it does not make you the torchbearer of Hindu culture. Hinduism is a way of life, a religion far too wide and deep for your shallow head to understand. Every genuine practice of this culture has a logic, reason and outcome just like any scientific study. Hinduism and Science go hand-in- hand. Both Science and Hinduism have not been comprehended completely by any man, however holy, or however wise.

The malpractices, misconceptions in our society are a result of diabolical misinterpretations made by people like you who are at power to influence innocent, uneducated people. It is no secret how fanatic churches, imams or priests have tried obstructing the path of science to establish their own following and control. Eventually causing a dent in the society by polarising people on religion and science. Why create conflicts between generations when they can lead each other with their own methods and knowledge? It is because of people like you, that the younger generation flees away from religious or cultural embrace, simply because it humiliates them. Most of the elders or ancestors as you put it, do not care to explain the logic behind any religious practices.

Like, lets us see:

  • Why waking up at 4 am is the most ideal time for our minds?
  • What is the purpose of ‘haldi’(turmeric) ceremony in a traditional Hindu marriage?
  • What is the effect/purpose of chanting ‘Om’?
  • What is the purpose of ringing bells in the temples?
  • What is the order of consuming the variety of dishes on your plate?

Every festival we celebrate, our cooking methods to our greeting tones, all have a logical and ‘scientific reason’. What you don’t understand is, both Hinduism and Science is same. You cannot be on one side.

Being part of the HRD minister, you are at power to bring out and elaborate so many hidden values our cultures could provide. You could value more comprehensive curriculum from our scripts which looks at child’s development from a spiritual perspective. But no, you don’t choose to do so. You are only hell bent to disown Science because of your overtly inflated ego to control people and brag around with religious fanaticism.

Unfortunately, when the Prime Minister is trying to uplift India’s heritage and culture on the world’s platform, misfits like you are still at large, making a fool of this nation.