How much bromance is brewing between AltNews and NDTV?

On 14th July 2017, facebook page @Sususwamy shared a 2 minute 49 second video on its page, deciphering how several websites post fake news to earn revenue from ‘Google Adsense’ and ‘AppNexus’. The video was titled “How Modi Bakths Are Making Money By Creating Fake Articles”. This video clearly explains the modus operandi of websites, whose primary aim is to make money using the clickbait methodology.

Google definition of Clickbait says, “Content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page”. Hence we can be rest assured that that in order to spread the content, one needs a source of fan base. This fan base can be derived from popular Facebook page(s), famous Twitter handle(s) or a strong endorsement from Mainstream Media houses.

Recently Satyavijayi exposed ‘AltNews founder Pratik Sinha’, who has been using his Facebook pages for propagating Fake News on few occasions. As per the article mentioned below, the main reason why this is deliberately being done by his Facebook pages alone, is to keep the website clean. By keeping your website clean, you ensure that no harm comes to your site’s reputation or ideological inclination.

Is the Fake News crusader (ALTNEWS) posting fake news on his Facebook page?

One can ask, why should AltNews actually spread Fake News via the Facebook page and not by the website? The primary intent of this, could probably be to consolidate all Anti-Sangh likes into one single source of fan base. That way, if there is a need to tarnish or target any person or institution, this can be done comprehensively.

Nearly 14 hours back, Sususwamy had posted a Facebook post on how Postcard’s official twitter account (@postcardnews) has been suspended. Unfortunately there is no truth in this post, a simple search in Twitter would have ensured that this news item is fake.

Postcard’s official twitter handle, although not yet verified, is @postcard_news. Most people who follow Postcard or Sususwamy would know what is the logo of Postcard. Sususwamy, on several occasions, has written several articles on Postcard and its founders but it is surprising to know that they still do not know what is Postcard’s official twitter handle !!!

In fact, if one takes time to visit Postcard’s official facebook page, they can see what is the official twitter handle of the page.

Hence by making fun or spreading fake news about Postcard, Sususwamy can ensure that all the haters of Postcard would like their page. By liking the page of Sususwamy, they will get all the feeds for AltNews, hence this establishes the link again.

Recently Sususwamy had taken the ‘Anti-Sangh like baiting methodology‘ very very seriously. This has been done by endorsing several Anti Sangh and Anti Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) posts.

Few posts, like one insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘a man with no brains, no heart and no balls’, a post which degrades Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and one post which makes fun of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s chief ‘Mohan Bhagwat’, are just the tip of the iceberg. These posts have reached several thousands users in Facebook and helps them to build a Anti-Sangh brigade.

Even if you don’t like your Prime Minister or any other particular personality, Is this really the way project them? How much of this Anti-Sangh posts would translates into heavy endorsement from the Anti-Sangh brigade? How different is this from what other so called ‘Sanghi Facebook Pages’ do, as alleged by Pratik Sinha?

AltNews is heavily endorsed by NDTV, so much so that the owner Pratik Sinha has featured on several news items by Ravish Kumar of NDTV. NDTV has time and again tried to tarnish Satyavijayi or several other websites for exposing them using social media. This is done with the malicious intent of silencing the voice of the smaller kids in the block.

Has Pratik Sinha ever exposed the alleged tax frauds by NDTV founder Prannoy Roy? Has Pratik Sinha ever exposed the fake news featured in NDTV? The answer is a simple NO !! One doesn’t need to do investigative journalism to expose NDTV, this twitter thread by Nidhi Razdhan asking Twitterati to expose the Fake News by NDTV alone is enough.

Gone are the times when you can be neutral to gain popularity in this world of Social Media, either you need the strong backing of certain individuals or organizations. Breaking News, Exposes and TRP are the need of the hour, which was initially never required in Social Media.

The intent of exposing Mainstream Media houses by Social Media has transformed into exposing a particular Mainstream Media house with the help of another one.