Why so much double standards Mr Gopalakrishna Gandhi?

Recently there has been an interesting post by the Facebook page AskAnshul. Anshul is a popular social media celebrity on both Twitter and Facebook, he is always known for providing some keen insights in the Indian Political scenario. This time he has exposed the double standards of Congress completely, by their choice of nomination of a person like Gopalakrishna Gandhi for the post of Vice President-ship of India.

Gopalakrishna Gandhi is the grandson of Mahatama Gandhi, a retired IAS officer and diplomat, who was the 22nd Governor of West Bengal serving from 2004 to 2009. But what one doesn’t know is the hypocrisy of such people with their so called literary content.

The Facebook Post goes on like this:-

“Guys, let me tell you one interesting ‘double standard’ of Congress ‘Vice President of India’ Candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi. last night, i was reading about him.

Gopalkrishna Gandhi filed the mercy plea for the Yakub Memon who was behind Mumbai 1993 Blast. And at that time Gopalkrishna Gandhi said Pardoning Yakub Memon will be a tribute to Dr. Kalam because Kalam was against the concept of capital punishment. So he filed mercy for Yakub Memon & said its a tribute to APJ Kalam.

Now,  here I’m going to expose his double standard. This same Gopalkrishna Gandhi opposed the renaming of Aurangzeb road to APJ Kalam Road. No only this, he even wrote an article just to explain his views that ‘Why We Should Oppose the Aurangzebing of Aurangzeb‘ this is the title of his article in the website ‘The Wire’.

So A person who was trying to save an underworld terrorist & calling it a tribute to Kalam, also opposed renaming of Aurangzeb road to Kalam road. lol and He’s vice president of India congress candidate.”

Do you think this stance of Congress has exposed them completely? Please post your views as comments.