Why is there so much hatred against Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adithyanath in Tamil Nadu?

With the advent of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) to the Tamil Nadu political scenario in 1967, no National party has ever been able to penetrate into the state. For nearly five decades, there has been a clever strategy employed by the Dravidian Political parties, to keep National parties out of the state of Tamil Nadu.

This strategy can be summed up by the usage of the following phrases during elections; ‘Don’t impose your Hindi’, ‘You Hindi people don’t understand us’, ‘You are a Brahmin Party’, ‘We are Dravidian, You are Aryan’, ‘Tamils are not Hindus’, ‘RSS is ISIS’, ‘Don’t bring your communal casteism here’, ‘Tamizhan Daaa’ etcetera etcetera. Stroking the fuel of Tamil separatism, kindling hyper sensitive issues like killing of Tamil fishermen by Sri-Lankan Navy and talks about genocide in Sri-Lanka have only aided to this master plan.

The unholy nexus of Islamic fundamentalists with communists in Kerala and West Bengal has been cleverly reciprocated by Dravidians in the state of Tamil Nadu, but with the help of leaders from minority communities (Christianity & Islam). This has been purposely done with the only intent of retaining power in the state.

As per a recent survey conducted by a private consultant on behalf of the State Labor Department, it is found out that Tamil Nadu is home to nearly one million migrants. Hindi, Bengali and Odia are commonly spoke languages among the labor communities of the state. Kancheepuram, Chennai and Tiruvallur — house 51.3% of the migrant worker population.

Apart from the fact that most of the migrant workers speak Hindi, there is a steady increase of willingness among Tamil population to learn Hindi in the state. Although no Dravidian Politician or its language warriors would like to accept this fact, numbers do not lie. A 2015 report only suggests that there has been a 10-20% increase in Hindu language enrollment in the state of Tamil Nadu, 33% of these course takers are from IT companies.

Language has always been one of the key commutation issues between Centre and Tamil masses, this too has been slowly eradicated over the years. The rise of Social Media (Facebook/ WhatsApp & Twitter) and the ability to translate from Hindi-Tamil and Hindi-English has only exposed the Dravidian supporters time and again.

Yogi Adithyanath, a five time consecutive Member of Parliament (1998, 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014 elections) from Gorakhpur, is currently the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He is known for his administrative capabilities within his constituency and there has been ample proof available to substantiate the same

As per 2011 census, Gorapkhpur constituency houses nearly 77% of Hindus with the remaining population spread between other religions ( Muslims ~ 21%, Christians ~ 1% Others ~ 1%). With so much caste equation in game play in the state of Uttar Pradesh, it is impossible for a Member of Parliament to win comprehensively from the same place, again and again.

He was one of the youngest MPs (26 year old) to have won in a Lok Sabha Election (Gorakhpur), that too with nearly 2,68,428 votes (1998). By 2014, he has surpassed the double mark of the votes he got in 1998, with around 5,39,127 votes. There are ample testimonies from Muslim voters of his constituency as to what an impartial leader, Yogi Adithyanath has been.

Ever since he was elevated to the post of Chief Minister, his constituency voters, especially Muslims have been heaping praises on him for that good work he has done. SatyaVijayi has been able to capture several such articles, which were clearly ignored by Mainstream Media houses.

Most of the Mainstream Media houses had only venom to spew about Yogi Adithyanath. Venom against Yogi is equal to venom against Hindutva, RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) and finally PM Narendra Modi. This has been the agenda of several Mainstream Media houses.

Yogi Adityanath’s Muslim Neighbor’s Tweets Are Going Viral !!

Suba Veerapandian, the founder of Dravidar Iyyaka Tamilar Peravai, an organization which has been founded with the intent to serve Tamil people. But unfortunately this organization has been serving to the whimsical needs of DMK. In 2016 Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections, he clearly asked people to side with the DMK. The biggest question here is, why should the General Secretary of an organization which aims to serve Tamil people support only DMK?

Recently a Tamil website, tamilarasial, posted a video about a Dalit couple who were being stripped, beaten and paraded on the streets by a violent mob. The headline of the article was quoted ‘Tortures undergone by Lovers in Uttar Pradesh’. This website went ahead to quote that this incident happened recently in Uttar Pradesh and blamed, Yogi Adithyanath, RSS, Hindutva and PM Narendra Modi for this shameful incident. As always, such video went viral without verifying its actual contents.

As reported by Hindustan times, this incident occurred in a village in the Banswara district of Rajasthan in April 2017. Two people Kachru (20) and his cousin (allegedly 18 years old) from the Bhil community were in an illicit relationship. These cousins escaped to Gujrat and were brought back after a Khap like diktat was issued on them. The members of the village later paraded them naked in order to teach them a lesson.

This video was infact shared by ANI as well, a simple fact finding before publishing such fake news would have exposed the truth.

But clearly there was a intent to blame Uttar Pradesh, RSS, Hindutva, Yogi and finally PM Modi. If you see the comments section of the website, you can say that the admin of the site has succeeded in what he wanted to achieve.

Suba Veerapandian, the founder of the above mentioned Dravidian organization took to twitter to condemn a video about Dalit couples on 1st August 2017. He said in the tweet, “The brutal and shameful incident which has happened to Dalit Couple in Uttar Pradesh, will not even happen during the stone age times. #Saffron #BJP Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. Clearly he was mentioning the above fake news which was being circulated by Tamilarasial.

Not just this one instance, there are several such rumors spreading in Tamil Nadu against Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adithyanath. One more such example is the given below and this one is really creative.

Jahir Hussain, a Facebook user has alleged that in Uttar Pradesh, women are being molested in broad daylight by RSS workers and BJP partymen, he infact made a reference specifically to Dalit women.

The girl who was molested in the above mentioned incident did not even happen in India, it happened to a popular Lebanese Pop singer, ‘Hafia Wehbe’. This incident happened on December 2012, nearly five years before Yogi Adithyanath could assume the responsibility of Chief Minister-ship.

So just wondering, when will the Dravidian supporters stop spreading fake news and start worrying about the Tamil/Non-Tamil people of Tamil Nadu?

Note: Cover picture of Dravidian Protesters is representational