Honest Opinion by A Punekar on Why Mumbai and Maharashtra Need Devendra Fadnavis

First of all, I am born and brought up in Nagpur and in Pune from last many years for work. I have seen Mr Devendra Fadnavis from his early days, when he was in 9th standard studying in Saraswati Vidyalaya and playing cricket in Dharampeth triangular ground to him studying law at Law college Nagpur to him becoming our municipal corporator. He was the youngest mayor, then MLA 3 times and finally became Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Have seen him representing initially West Nagpur then South West of our city after constituency split. One of the most interesting election was when Devendra was taking on Mr Ranjeet Deshmukh of Congress (A Strong Candidate who even desired to become CM of Maharashtra then in 2004).

Everyone almost believed that its game over for Devendra, but we campaigned hard in South West Nagpur. I still recollect the results day, when till last 1 hour of results, Ranjeet was ahead of Devendra but Fadnavis won at last by a good margin even then BJP/Shiv Sena alliance lost the polls in Maharashtra.

Work wise, West Nagpur is known for its beautiful roads with divider and lawn or flower plants on it. Most of the filled with greenery, which used to help us in severe summer. Also we West Nagpurians saw the introduction of cement road for the first time. Most of the other states including cities of maharashtra had not tried it but West Nagpur did try with success(Pratap Nagar Cement Road).

This was possible just not only because of efforts of our MLA Devendra Fadnavis but credit goes to Nitin Gadkari ji and the then Municipal Commissioner incorruptible T Chandrashekhar. If you visit Nagpur, you will still get a feel that West Nagpur is best Nagpur and better than rest of the city.

Coming back to his work done after becoming CM, Below are some of his great achievements.

  • How Maharashtra bagged the $5 billion Foxconn deal :- 

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    Foxconn signed an agreement with the Maharashtra government on Saturday to invest $5 billion in the state over the next five years, the largest investment by a foreign company in the western province.

    The agreement was signed by the state’s industry secretary Apurva Chandra and Foxconn’s chief financial officer David Huang. Maharashtra’s chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Foxconn’s chairman Terry Gou were present on the occasion. Foxconn manufactures gadgets for world’s leading electronic brands, including Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, BlackBerry and Motorola.

  • 4,717 CCTV cameras go live across Mumbai 

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    Unlike Arvind Kejriwal, who talked about some thousands of CCTV cameras and did nothing, the entire Mumbai will now be under CCTV surveillance. After much delay, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday launched the second and final phase of the state government’s Rs949-crore CCTV surveillance network, with 4,717 cameras going live at 1,510 locations.

    With the project, the state government is hoping to make Mumbai more safe with the help of smart policing.

    “Mumbai police now gets a third eye, which will never take a break or never complain of being tired. It will be the best friend of the Mumbai police,” said the chief minister during the inauguration at Shanmukhananda auditorium on Sunday .

    The project will help the Mumbai police with surveillance of sensitive spots and enable faster response because of real time streaming 24×7.

  • How Latur was Saved from Severe Draught by sending India’s Longest Water Train more than 100 times:-




    Maharashtra will never forget drought of continuous 3 years. Because of less rainfall, Summers were mostly dry without water. When farmers complained this to arrange water to then Deputy CM Ajit Pawar, he said ‘If no water in dam, do we urinate in it?’  The same problem was solved by maharashtra CM by sending more than 100 trips of india’s longest water trains to drought hit latur.

    The train was named Jal Doot. The expense was shared between Maharashtra and Central Government. The railways, along with Maharashtra government joined hands to make arrangements for water supply, which included the laying down of a 3.5-km long pipeline within a record time of nine days.

  • LED streetlights in Mumbai is Saving Rs. 80 crore every year’ and Other Cities are following it:-

    Ticking off the Shiv Sena which alleged a scam in the installation of LED lights on Mumbai’s streets, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday said “vested interests” were running a “motivated and mala fide” campaign to deny Mumbai the benefits of superior lighting at lower cost.

    In a series of tweets, Mr. Fadnavis said: “Power savings by using LED streetlights will help us provide cheaper power to farmers & backward areas & improved lighting will make cities safer.” “Mumbai can save Rs. 80 crore every year by using LED streetlights, thus providing cheaper power to rest of Maharashtra & accelerate development,” Mr. Fadnavis said. His government had requested the Central Power Ministry to help install LED streetlights owing to these factors, he said.

    Mr. Fadnavis also defended engaging Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), a public sector unit, for implementing the LED project and dismissed allegations of irregularities in contracts. Now Pune following footsteps of Mumbai.

So you see, top 4 work done according to me by Fadnavis as CM has something for everyone. A Foxconn deal for techies and management people. LeD for saving money to be used for other good purpose. Water Trains, a relief for farmers and people facing drought and CCTV camera for surveillance.

To end this write up, as we all know that Currently, Narendra Modi is the only hope, India has as a PM. Others like Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Mamata, Lalu or Mulayam will make India worse then hell, on the same lines, Fadnavis is a ray of hope, Maharashtra has. It has got a strong leader after many years. Would you like Maharashtra to be run by someone like Ajit Pawar, Uddhav or Raj Thackeray?

The answer is clear that Mumbai and Maharashtra needs Devendra Fadnavis than Devendra needs the CM chair.

by Anand Padmanabhan