Mumbai Tea Vendor claims Congress owes him Rs. 2 Lakh

Mumbai: The oldest party in India, Indian National Congress, is out of power from both the state and centre. In addition, The Congress also has some troubles paying this Chai-Wallah who alleges that he is due Rs. 2 Lacs from the party. Inder Joshi, Tea Vendor, runs a small stall behind the headquarters of Mumbai Regional Congress Committee (MRCC) at Azad Maidan and he is the most preferred chai-wallah among party functionaries and supporters.

“My family has been running the shop here for decades. They [the Congress] have not paid us since a long time and we have now stopped providing them tea on udhari,” he said. “However, I know they will eventually pay us eventually. They always do.” he was quoted.

It’s reported that the Congress is short of funds and has decided to run a “low-cost” campaign for next year’s BMC elections. As a result, the Congress decided to rely on old-school methods such as organising mohalla gatherings, taking out padyatras, staging protests and distributing pamphlets unlike BJP and Shiv Sena.