Muslim bodies demand rupees 2 lakh for each madrasa in West Bengal

After the West Bengal Government announced an assistance of rupees 10,000 to 28,000 Durga Puja commitees across the state, now some Muslim bodies in West Bengal have come up with their demands. A local body comprising of Muslim clerics and scholars from across West Bengal, named the The All Bengal Minority Youth Federation has demanded an aid of rupees two lakh to each madrasa in the state. The body has also voiced demand of increasing the stipend of Imams from Rs 2,500 they are getting at present.

“We do not have any problem if money is given to the Durga Puja committees but imam’s’ stipend should be increased,” Furfura Sharif’s leader Toha Siddiqui said addressing the gathering. “All the Madrasas should be given financial aid of Rs two lakhs like that is provided to the local clubs,” he added.

The state government provides Rs 2 lakh each annually to clubs for infrastructure development. Siddiqui also sought at least 16 seats from the ruling TMC for minorities in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections scheduled next year. “We demand tickets for at least 16 seats from the ruling TMC for the next Lok Sabha elections,” Siddiqui said.

The federation had decided to submit a memorandum to the chief minister in support of their demands but when they were stopped by the police from proceeding to the state secretariate they organised a sit-in demonstration which was addressed by the leaders. He also alleged that most of the TMC leaders, who were carrying party flags during the daytime, were BJP after sunset.

The clerics Federation secretary Mohammed Quamruzzaman demanded that a Muslim be made police commissioner in the city and more minority representatives in the forces.

“We want recruitments of more teachers in the 614 Madrasas in the state and immediately initiating a Madrasa Service Commission for recruitment of teachers,” Quamruzzaman said.

“We have given one week’s time to the Chief Minister to come out with her decision regarding our demands. After that we will take a decision on our next course of action,” Quamruzzaman added.

It is being believed that understanding TMC’s dependence on their vote-bank, the Muslim community of West Bengal has started applying pressure on the Mamata Banerjee Government to fulfill their aspirations and demands.

(With inputs from PTI)