Muslim family in UP names newborn after Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate the historic victory of their favourite leader

A Muslim family in UP’s Gonda has named their newborn baby after Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The baby was born on 23rd May, the same day as of the Lok sabha elections. And after coming to know of the historic mandate that Prime Minister Narendra Modi received to continue for a second term, Mainaz Begum decided to name her son after it.

Though there were initial objections to the name by both family and society. However Mainaz Begum’s father in law and husband stood by her decision and supported it.

There were some apprehensions on whether it would be accepted by society, Mainaz Begum’s father in law said they decided to go with the name considering their admiration for the Prime Minister.

The incident comes amid a section of the minorities expressing concern over another brute mandate being awarded to BJP-led NDA regime.

AIMIM chief and lawmaker Asaduddin Owaisi, while addressing the media on Thursday, said tough times may await the nation’s marginalised communities in days to come. The Hyderabad lawmaker said Modi has bursted the myth of Muslim vote bank and instead proved that a “Hindu vote bank exists”.

Modi, in his address from BJP headquarters after the results, said he has been successful in the last five years to “lift the veil over secularism”. He blamed the Opposition of practising fake secularism to consolidate vote bank, whereas, his government has implemented the agenda of “sabka saath, sabka vikas”.