A Muslim Girl Married at 16, Given Triple Talaq at 18, Urges PM to Enforce Uniform Code

18-year-old girl fighting a battle against triple talaq has pleaded PM Modi to take immediate steps to bring Uniform Civil Code to curb traditions which she says have “destroyed” generations of Muslim women.

At 16, Arshiya was married off to a rich vegetable trader, Mohammad Kazim Bagwan . But hardly two years later, he discontinued the relationship by writing `talaq’ thrice on a paper. He is not ready to accept her saying he has “no place” for her in his heart. She was asked to leave his home with an eight-month-old child.

“I urge our PM to help women like me and stop this tradition of triple talaq which has destroyed lives of innumerable women,” Arshiya, who hails from Baramati, told TOI in a choked voice.

She said she had received the notice of triple talaq from her husband but has not accepted the same. “I have decided to challenge it in family court,” she added.

She also wants to continue her education. “I was promised I will be allowed to continue my education after marriage, but the promise was not kept. I had completed my eleventh standard when I was married off. Now, I will start studying again and stand on my own,” she said.
Her father Nissar Bagwan said, “The government must take efforts to bring uniform code. No one must suffer like my daughter. I am a poor vege table vendor and I made a blunder by marrying off my daughter and not allowing her to complete her education.”