Muslim man allegedly posing as Hindu kills women after his identity is revealed

In a chilling case of murder, a 35 year old woman named Shubhlagna Chakraborty was killed last night at her residence in Konnagar area of West Bengal’s Hoogly District. The murderer Md Sultan Ali has been arrested by the police.

According to the reports, victim had a long standing affair with Sultan who is a resident of nearby locality. However since last year Shubhlagna was trying to get out of the relationship which was not acceptable to Sultan.

On Thursday night, Sultan forcefully trespassed into Shubhlagna’s house, pressurized her to get married to him. When Shubhlagna’s parents tried to intervene they were assaulted by Sultan. Both parents of Shubhlagna sustained heavy injuries during the scuffle.

After assaulting her parents, Sultan turned towards Shubhlagna and fired at her from point-blank range. Albeit he didn’t stop after firing but kept assaulting Shubhlagna’s head using the gun’s backside, until she was completely dead, after which he absconded from the place.

Victim’s parents who are currently under medical supervision at Uttarpara state general hospital, have alleged that Sultan had given false information about his identity to establish the relation, but when Shubhlagna came to know about it she tried to break all relations with him.

The police official said, “When the marriage was being called off, Sultan attacked his wife on Thursday. Her parents Tushar Chakroborty and Shubhra Chakroborty were severely injured while trying to save her. They are being treated in the Uttarpara State General Hospital.

Sultan has been taken into police custody for 7 days. There are speculations on whether this could be a possible a case of ‘Love Jihad’.