Muslim mob goes on a rampage outside Delhi mosque, police reluctant to file cases against the culprits

A large mob of Muslim men went on a rampage on Wednesday outside of a mosque here in East Delhi, after a speeding car brushed past some of the men. The mob, angered with the incident pelted stones at Government buses and other private properties.

The car was purportedly stolen by a thief named Shahrukh who was driving in a rush to evade the law. It has since then been recovered by the cops from Anand Vihar. He has now been arrested by the police.

After the incident, videos went viral on Social Media were a mob can be seen vandalising DTC buses by hurling sticks and stones.

The police reportedly did not register any case against the rioters till atleast last night night to “pacify the situation.” The handling of the situation by Delhi police has come under severe criticism by people.

A rumour was also spread by some that 17 people died after coming under the car. However this claim has been categorically refuted by the police.