5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is The Right Choice – By a MUSLIM WOMAN !!

I have been in touch with a Muslim woman lately. She pleasantly surprised me, when she told me that she was, in fact, happy that Donald Trump won. I asked her to write her reasons down. While I thought she would come up with some anti-Clinton rhetoric, she came up with this:

This is going to be some salt and spice into the wounds of Hillary Clinton supporters; but these are my takeaways from the 2016 US Presidential elections:

  1. The elites, leftists, and democrats are as intolerant, opinionated, blind to reality, and ignorant; as the people who voted for Donald Trump are accused of. In fact, if I have to believe that THIS is what is happening right now! These are the same people who claimed that their candidate was fostering ‘Democracy’, ‘Liberalism’, and ‘Tolerance’. So much so, that their previous favourite candidate, Barack Obama; had the gumption to come to India and advise India on her Republic Day about the need for tolerance! Is this what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton represented as democracy and tolerance?
  2. Donald Trump might have called names to illegal immigrants. But the Democrats conveniently forgot that he used those names for ILLEGAL immigrants and not LEGAL immigrants. They conveniently forget the illegality of their immigration. And what about the so-called ‘liberal’ views on Donald Trump’s voters who numbered almost as many as Hillary Clinton’s? Just because they had a different political choice, they suddenly became (or always were?) racist, misogynist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, and deplorable? Do liberals ever believe that they could be wrong while making choices? The problem with liberals is that in a debate, they show complete lack of basic civil etiquette. Their arguments is full of rhetoric and completely lacking in depth and substance.
  3. While Donald Trump mixed his speeches with talks of reviving the economy from the $20 trillion debt – by cutting down war expenses, bringing back jobs, and repealing and replacing Obamacare, with attacks on Hillary Clinton’s conduct which had a bearing on public life; Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Donald Trump were all ad hominem. All she had was empty rhetoric to show for while talking about her plans for America. When livelihood and jobs are at stake, people don’t give a damn about women’s rights and LGBT issues. While that’s sad, it’s the reality. And the Democrats need to deal with it! And in continuation with the trend, we can expect the EU to disintegrate and Merkel to go in 2017.
  4. These US Presidential elections and the Indian General Elections in 2014 followed similar scripts. In 2014, Narendra Modi, an outsider to Delhi politics was riding on mass popularity, anti-incumbency, accused of abandoning his wife and spying on commoner woman, touted to be fundamentalist, anti-minority, chauvinist; who was deemed unfit for PM by several party seniors; defeated an establishment funded by black money, which was close to completely ruining the Indian economy. In 2016, Donald Trump, a newbie to electoral politics, managed to connect to masses (although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, he did manage to appeal to almost equal number of voters). He was accused of misogyny, touted to be anti-immigration, conservative; and his own party stalwarts supported his rival; defeated Hillary Clinton, who was backed by the outgoing POTUS. And, of course, the Middle East funding! The central issues of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections were corruption, economic decadency, national security, internal security, minority and women rights. The central issues of 2016 US Presidential elections were corruption, Obama’s failed economic policies, open borders (compromising national security and internal security), minority and LGBTQ and illegal immigrant rights, and women empowerment; which, apparently, was supposed to be magically achieved had Hillary Clinton won the election.
  5. The world owes a big Thank You for the Americans who voted for Donald Trump. Why? Because if he does begin to fix the problems America faces, and it does face several, it means his government will be spending time and money exclusively on addressing those issues, and not on preaching elsewhere around the world how great modern, Western, ‘American’ values are and how they need to adopt them. Which means that the Bush campaign of destabilising countries half-way across the world, continued by the Democratic Government of Barack Obama, in connivance with his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, will have to stop. That the US and Russia might actually come closer than forever be in warm or cool Cold War. Either way, the USA has lost all credibility for lecturing the world.

And if Donald Trump fails in whatever he has promised to deliver due to whatever reasons; it is the US which will suffer! And while he will eventually then pave his way out for another democratic candidate in 2020, nothing would be better for the world than a weakened USA who has only used its superpower status to be a hegemonic bully across the world.