Muslim women who named her newborn after Narendra Modi, now changes name to Mohammed Modi due to pressure from the family and society

A Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district has named their newborn child after Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The child was born on 23rd May, the same day as of the Lok Sabha results. And after coming to know of the historic mandate that Prime Minister Narendra Modi received to continue for a second term, Mainaz Begum decided to name her son after the Prime Minister on discussing with her husband.

“After exchange of greetings through a video call, he (Mushtaq) asked me to name the baby as Narendra Damodardas Modi as his birth coincided with Modi’s victory in the Lok Sabha polls,” said a visibly elated Mainaz.

But now the mother has changed the name of her child to Mohammed Altaf Alam Modi, this due to fear from the Muslim society and pressure from the in-laws. Manz Begum said that after naming the child in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi, the people of her society were very angry and were pressing the family to change the name.

There is also the controversy over the birth date of the child. It is being told that the birth of the newborn was on 12th May, while the mother of the child had given birth date 23rd May 2019.