MUST READ: Heartbreaking True Story of Vir Chakra Lt Col R Vishwanathan who died in Kargil War.

Story of a leader who led the operation on Tololing top to lead the unit of 18 Grenadiers

Lt Col R Vishwanathan was the highest ranking officer killed in the Kargil conflict. As the second-in-command of the battalion, Vishwanathan need not have gone to the higher altitudes where the actual fighting was taking place.

However, when reports came into base camp of a company having been trapped by the enemy, he volunteered to lead a rescue team. Climbing the sheer cliff at night, he and his men attacked the enemy under the cover of darkness. Vishwanathan killed five of the intruders before being shot himself.

SATYAVIJAYI expresses deep regards for the brave hearts of 18 Grenadiers and the second in command of the unit who made supreme sacrifice to ensure the safety of their dear motherland on the day when we lost them….