MUST WATCH – Smriti Irani SLAMS Congressi Rashid Alvi for calling PM Modi ‘stupid’!!

Smriti Irani image 2

In the IndiaTV Sanvad held yesterday, Congress leader Rashid Alvi crossed all limits when he called PM Modi stupid. His logic was that if you search for this on Google, there are many results. What he stupidly ignored is the fact that Google is a search engine and not a answer seeking machine.

Whatever you search on it, it will provide results similar to it if people write on the topic. And seeing as there is no limit to the number of people who hate Modi, there would obviously be many people writing derogatory things about the Prime Minister of India. And if you search for them, you will end up finding them.

As was expected, others present at the event thrashed Rashid Alvi for his stupidity. And Smriti Irani replied awesomely.

Here is the video:

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