MUST WATCH VIDEO: India: The Killing Fields Of Muzaffarnagar 2013 (On International Media)

After more than 1200 years the Hindu people are still not able to live free from Muslim attacks, encroachment, terrorism, provocation and murders. Muslims particularly use Hindu women as a target for their harassment and assaults to intentionally ‘insult’ the Hindus and provoke them.

The Indian government is doing NOTHING to protect the native and local people against Muslim riots, Muslim aggression, Muslim rapes, Muslim murders, Muslim arson, Muslim terrorism. Why? Because India is now more or less half Muslim. Muslims are in the police, in local politics, in government.

India has claimed for more than 50 years now that the Muslim population is “14%”. Do they actually think the Muslims don’t multiply? Once identification will be mandatory for the entire population, the reality will be revealed that the Muslim population is closer to 50% of the entire demographic.

India, like the West, suffer from a strong ignorant left-wing movement that is too lazy to find the truth before they take a position. And as taught for centuries within the Muslim culture, whenever a Muslim creates problem he plays the victim. However, it’s the Muslims who force their way into villages or Hindu areas of a village, a town and so on to assault non-Muslim women and children or to commit some form of violence.