Must Watch Video: Pakistani fans breaking Expensive TVs after LOSING; Saying they GIVE UP

LED TV broken Pakistan image 1

India defeated Pakistan yesterday and we did it convincingly. Except for some time in the beginning when India quickly lost three wickets, Pakistan was never in the game. In the first innings, Pakistani bowlers were not able to play the balls that would turn more than a meter. Indian spinners made them dance on the pitch.

While Indian batsmen faced problems in the beginning, Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh ensured that the ride was smooth. After Yuvraj got out, Dhoni and Kohli ensured that India does not get any other shocks and took India to victory.

With this, Indian maintains the record of never having lost to Pakistan in a world cup match in history. Pakistani fans seem to have lost their cool now. See the video below to see how frustrated they are:

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