‘My India is in the Imran Khan from Alwar’, Says Modi at Wembley. Read Who is Imran Khan….

'My India is in the Imran Khan from Alwar', Says Modi at Wembley. Read Who is Imran Khan....

While giving a speech at London’s Wembley Stadium, Indian Prime Minister called the name  of a teacher named “Imran Khan” back in Rajasthan.

Mr Khan has  designed mobile apps for the benefit of students, said PM Modi, as he talked about an India “beyond headlines in newspapers” and “much more than what you see on TV.”

“In Rajasthan’s Alwar there is a man called Imran Khan. He has made 50 mobile apps. And Alwar’s Imran Khan dedicated those apps to the students for free,” said PM Modi .

“My India is in that Imran Khan from Alwar.”

Imran Khan who is 37 year old, introduces himself as a web developer and Sanskrit teacher in a government school on his website.

“I like to make cool and creative interfaces. My interfaces is always full of refreshing ideas. I like challenges, without challenge I can’t work,” he writes. Web development, he says, is a hobby.

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