Mysterious death of 11th Standard student Anushka Pandey in UP: School says suicide, family says murder

Mysterious death of Anushka Pandey, a 11th standard student, in School hostel has stoked a major controversy. While the administration, police and school maintain that Anushka committed suicide inside of her hostel room by hanging herself on the fan, family and friends of the victim insist on it being a murder.

The family has alleged that Anushka’s parents were not informed of her death. Parents say that they came to know about the death of their daughter when one relative of theirs saw Anushka’s dead body in the hospital and informed them about it.

In a series of tweets, a person named Ankur Pathak has alleged that as per the postmortem reports, Anushka was sexually abused and then murdered. He has further posted an image of an empty fan down rod and has claimed that it is of Anushka’s hostel room. He has asked that whether it is possible for a person to commit suicide by hanging a cloth through the small holes of an empty fan down rod.

Seeking justice in Anushka’s case, Ankur Pathak said:

“Through the post mortem investigations, the doctors believe that the girl was raped, then murdered and hung or probably hanged to death. Anushka was the school topper scoring 93% marks in class X. Having wanted to become a doctor, the district administration is now busy in suppressing the case.

There should be a fair CBI inquiry into the entire matter. No poor mother will be able to send her daughter to a hostel as of now. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas are run by the Central Government, which is headed by an ex-officio chairman. Therefore, the investigation conducted by the District Magistrate does not seem to be impartial. Now when rapes start happening in the temple of education itself, where will the daughters go?”

With the mystery of Anushka’s death getting deeper with every passing day, troubles seems to be increasing for her school, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.

After Ankur Pathak shared the series of tweets, several other people have also come out in support of a free and fare investigation into the death of Anushka Pandey. It remains to be seen whether Yogi Adityanath led Government of Uttar Pradesh takes steps to ensure justice in this chilling case of alleged murder.