Narendra my friend, hope to see you as soon as you form a government: Israeli PM Netanyahu takes his bonhomie with PM Modi to a new level

World leaders from across the globe have united in welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resounding victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, with many personally extending their wishes to the Indian leader via congratulatory phone calls.

“Narendra, my friend, congratulations! What an enormous victory! I hope, Narendra, that we can see each other very soon; As soon as you form a government and as soon as we form a government…Well, thank you for your congratulations on my victory but there’s one difference — You don’t need a coalition, I do. And there’s a big difference,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told PM Modi through a call.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called to congratulate Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his election victory.

“Narendra, my friend, congratulations! What an enormous victory.”

PM Modi and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu appear to share a very close bond and it was evident during the PM’s visit to Israel.