Naseeruddin Shah’s cousin Syed Rizwan Ahmed blasts intolerance debate, calls it false narrative

Naseeruddin Shah has been making headlines in recent days, due to his videos and statements claiming that intolerance is on a rise in the country and that minority communities, especially the Muslims, are feeling insecure. However, now Naseeruddin Shah’s first cousin, Syed Rizwan Ahmed, who also happens to be an Islamic scholar, has completely rubbished all such claims.

In an interview to the Organiser magazine, Rizwan Ahmed said that he doesn’t believe there is any intolerance in India. He said that the entire intolerance narrative, has been built up by pseudo-seculars and those Muslims who are themselves intolerant. “For me, there is nothing like intolerance. It is just a false narrative of the pseudo-seculars and intolerant Muslims. The statement given by Naseeruddin is reckless and irresponsible. He is just a loose cannon ball,” he said.

Syed Rizwan Ahmed further said that intolerance in India ” is the birth child of Muslim incompatibility to co-exist peacefully with other faiths.” “Today, intolerance in India means, any person questioning any of the minority communities like Muslims, or any person holding minorities accountable for their conduct, or anyone asking them to conduct themselves in the framework of being an Indian is considered intolerant,” he said.

Speaking on the issue of minorities feeling insecure in the nation he said, ” Muslims are only unsafe in one part of India, i.e. after you cross the Banehal tunnel of Jammu and Kashmir and enter the Kashmir belt of the country. Muslims are only unsafe in nations where Muslims are in the majority. But unfortunately, wherever Muslims are in the minority, they create such a situation in which they end up being insecure due to manufactured fault lines in the name of divine superiority and thus being victimised by ‘others’.”

Apart from the intolerance debate, Rizwan Ahmed also discussed a wide range of other topics. Due to to his unconventional and nationalist ideology, Dr. Rizwan has been a subject of trolling from fundamentalist sections of the Muslim society, however those never deterred him from his ways or beliefs.