How do Nationalists feel about Rita Bahuguna Joshi joining BJP, Opportunistic or a Political Master Stroke?

Rita Bahguna Joshi’s, the veteran leader from Congress, has recently deflected from Congress to BJP ahead of the crucial UP Assembly Polls in 2017. While many BJP party men might consider this as a political master stroke, many Nationalists really seem to be questioning the intent of BJP president Amit Shah and PM Narendra Modi. Should BJP respect their sentiments or turn into a party which is most worried about winning elections?

Source: @IITagainstAAP

Isn’t Rita Bahuguna Joshi the same Sonia slave who once famously accused Modi of doing nothing while rioters wrecked havoc in Gujarat on 29th, 30th and 31st February 2002?

Wasn’t she one of the most vocal in accusing Modi and Amit Shah of conspiring to kill that “innocent Bihar ki Beti” Ishrat Jahan in a fake encounter in Gujarat?

Well..she is the latest addition to the BJP’s stable of jokers..

Well done Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Amit Shah, you just pushed all those of your supporters one step further away from BJP, who fought for and defended you online and offline at the cost of themselves being mocked, abused and threatened.

While they were still grappling with the pain of their RSS/ BJP brethren being mercilessly killed in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu at the hands of Islamists of PFI and CPM cadre, you add salt to their injuries.

Guess what, your home minister Rajnath Singh too looks more concerned about safe release of that Bollytard movie Aye Dil Hai Mushkil instead of taking action against this mindless violence in Kerala and communal rioting in West Bengal.

And your foreign policy is such a failure Mr. Modi that you can’t deal with Islamist and Communist Republic of JNU, leave alone your attempts to isolate Pakistan globally or getting India the prized membership in NSG.

And yes, development can wait..India was the most developed country in the world when foreign invaders made it a slave with the help of traitors in our own backyard.

Please provide your comments on the same !!!