NCP woman leader ties Rakhi to the BJP lawmaker who had earlier assaulted her, both sort out the issues

BJP MLA Balram Thawani and the NCP woman leader, whom he brutally thrashed on Sunday, held parleys to amicably resolve the contention between the two. Following this, she tied ‘Rakhi’ on his hand while he apologized to her. On the other hand, the BJP issued a show-cause notice to Thawani.

“She is like my sister, I have apologized to her for what happened yesterday. We have cleared out the misunderstandings between us. I have promised to help her if she ever needs any help,” said Balram Thawani, BJP MLA who was caught on camera kicking the woman NCP leader in Naroda.

“He said he perceives me as his sister and he slapped me as a brother slaps his sister. He said that his intention was not ill. I have accepted him as my brother, the solution is found by everybody,” said Nitu Tejwani, NCP leader from Naroda.

The incident took place on Sunday near Thawani’s office in Naroda when he was caught on camera by people present at the spot. The victim was kicked and punched by the BJP MLA on the street when she was staging a protest along with other women demanding the restoration of water pipeline.

Earlier in the day, police have asserted that both the parties have approached them and action would be taken. “Both the parties have come to the police with their complaints. Further action is being taken. We’ve taken up this matter seriously, action will be taken soon,” said Niraj Badgujar, DCP.

In the viral video, Thawani can be seen stepping out of his office and then kicking and thrashing the woman who is already under attack by another man whose back is turned towards the camera.