Why do NDTV Journalists endorse Abusive Trolls like Amaresh Misra?

A Couple of months ago, several Mainstream media houses created a big scene about the stray abusive tweets of people followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These media houses also tried to hold him accountable for the abusive tweets on Gauri Lankesh’s death. In debates on News Channels, even few opposition politicians asked for apology from PM Narendra Modi.

But now when one such abuser, who poses to be an intelligentsia, has got an entry into Indian National Congress party, the Mainstream media houses seem to be silent now. The media houses may be silent now, because the troll has abused only right wing leaning individuals and PM Narendra Modi.

This abusive troll, Amaresh Misra, has even threatened women with rape threats. Amaresh Misra’s tweets and his statements were so abusive, that the former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor had congratulated him for coming out of the abusive gutter.

Some of Amaresh’s non-offensive tweets, as per certain liberals, are included as given below:-

The account was soon suspended on twitter and now that it unavailable, Amaresh Misra can claim to be innocent and distance himself from all these abusive tweets.

In a series of tweets given by a twitter user Shilpi Tewari, she alleged that Amaresh Misra made derogatory comments against her.

The abusive Congress party member was even interviewed by Sreenivasan Jain. Yes, the same Sreenivasan Jain who ran a rant after twitter accounts followed by PM Modi for making abusive tweets against Gauri Lankesh. When asked for an explanation, Sreenivasan tried to divert the issue by giving a senseless reply to Shilpi Tewari.

The tweet by Shilpi Tewari not only shows the absurd double standards of journalists like Sreenivasan Jain, but also exposing his hypocrisy and hate for right wing yet love for Congress.

Now that the abusive troll Amaresh has been labelled as a Congress leader, it is surprising to see that The Indian Express still gives him an opportunity to be a columnist. He now seems to be giving lectures to the Yogi Adityanath government on Taj Mahal controversy. In his article on The Indian Express, Amaresh Misra accused Uttar Pradesh government to be Anti-Muslim.

Well, irony has just died a million times, an abusive troll Congress leader who frequently abuses right wing leaders, RSS, PM Modi and also gives rape threats to women is now lecturing people on social issues.