NDTV Journalists need to work harder if they want to defame PM Modi

The abusive side of Social Media has become the talk of the town in several Mainstream Media houses in India. NDTV and their side kick websites have taken it upon themselves to champion a cause, a cause aimed at enforcing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apologize and unfollow certain abusive twitter users.

Be it Right/Left leaning ideologies, abusive behavior of internet users in Social Media has become a worrisome global phenomenon. If one takes up the way the 2016 American Presidential Election campaign was conducted, it is evident that a high volume of Facebook/Twitter users are abusive in nature. Many psychologists have attributed this abusive phenomenon to a primary factor, Social Media makes people think that their physical identity is concealed, thus bringing out all the abusive behavior.

But the real question here is, do NDTV and their side kick corporations have the moral obligation to dictate such terms to the Prime Minister of India? The answer to the same can be explained by taking a few scenarios as given below.

Sreenivasan Jain, a journalist who has been working with NDTV since 1995, was recently posed with a question by a twitter user – Shilpi Tewari (@shilpitewari). The question raised by Shilpi was quite sensible in nature, “I wonder why Sreenivasan Jain did not use Rajdep Sardesai as an example who has been caught abusing mothers of many Twitterati here?” Shilpi was kind enough to point out that Rajdeep was infact pulled up by the likes of Amitabh Bachchan for using the ‘F Word’ on the twitter platform.

The reply from Sreenivasan Jain was nothing short of an epic reply, “Day Rajdeep becomes PM will certainly hold him to same standards”.

I have been working with several Indian and International IT organizations for the past 10 years. It is a well known practice in the IT industry, that IT organizations expect employees to behave like ambassadors outside the office premises. Although we are considered as private citizens outside our office timings, many public places are considered as an extended workplace and we are expected us to maintain the dignity of our company.

From the above reply of Sreenivasan, I can deduce only two things:-

  1. This reply from Sreenivasan Jain points out to the fact that he is nothing short of an escapist, who keeps shifting goal posts to facilitate his own dubious intention.
  2. Or NDTV has very low standards in terms of the way it expects Journalists to behave outside their working place.

The day you become a Journalist, you also become a public personality. If you feel that Journalists are free to use the ‘F Word’ in twitter, I can only wonder what goes on inside your studios.

Nidhi Razdan, is yet another journalist who is the primary anchor of NDTV 24×7 news show Left, Right & Centre. Nidhi was being her usual self on twitter, trying to troll specific political leaders and this time it was Paresh Rawal. While there was a sudden outburst of emotion for an Indian Jawan from a NDTV Journalist, I understood the idea was more to demand an apology from Paresh Rawal.

A twitter user by the name Tanya Kukreja (@TanyaKukreja4), had asked the following non related yet awkward question to Nidhi. This question by Tanya was referring to the statement made by Gauri Lankesh on RSS members, in a Facebook post.

Gaurik Lankesh’s statement on RSS member in Facebook (2016)

In most cases I would suggest twitter users, not to indulge in such below the belt statements, but the reply from Nidhi just proved to be a googly for me.

A totally out of the blue question from a random twitter user, gets a ruthless and harsh reply from Nidhi Razdan. While twitter users like Tanya, who hardly have 63 followers, would not understand the meaning of making such statements on twitter. What was the need for Nidhi Razdan, a seasoned journalist and public personality with 67,500 followers on twitter, to make such a crude statement?

From Sreenivasan Jain to Nidhi Razdan, isn’t there a certain hypocrisy in the way they expect people to behave on Social Media? On one end while they want the Prime Minister of India to apologize to the country for following a bunch of people who are abusive on twitter, at another end they behave like low-grade civilians on twitter?

This isn’t the first time I have seen such hypocrisy in the way NDTV journalists conduct their narrative. In an recent debate at Nidhi’s show, Sagrika Ghosh tried to mock Subharashta of India Foundation, in what can be called as a clear dirty back hand slap. A bad day is what could be described for Sagarika, since Subharashta clearly put her down for her ill timed comment and showed Sagarika her place.

This whole narrative that Social Media users are gradually becoming abusive in nature in not a post 2014 scenario. The freedom of expression, as we speak, has infact risen in the recent days and this can be clearly credited to the Supreme Court of India for striking down the “open ended, undefined, and vague”  Section 66-A of the IT Act.

This Section 66-A of the IT Act which was employed by the Congress led UPA on several occasions, was definitely not used by PM Narendra Modi to take action against the likes Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Congress Leader Mani Shankar Aiyar or Senior Congress Leader DigVijay Singh for making obscene statements against him.

Clearly the main and side kick warriors from NDTV have to work much much harder, if they want to defame Modi internationally !!!