NDTV takes down the story of Jay Shah?

NDTV ran a rant over the Jay Shah Story. There were continuous News shows and Debates over the story by NDTV. The intensity with which NDTV followed the story can be observed by a simple Google search. It made sure that each and every moment to target Amit Shah was not missed.


Not only the articles but it’s Anchors we’re aggressively chasing the story like never before.

In a report published nearly two hours ago, NDTV says, “Jay Shah has sued The Wire, a news website, for 100 crores for defamation for reporting his firm’s revenues escalated by 16,000 times after the BJP came to power. The report also questioned allegedly unsecured loans given to Jay Shah’s firms, including from a state-run firm that reports to the Power Ministry.”

Yet in the same article NDTV reports, “NDTV cannot independently verify the allegations.”, ironical isn’t it? If you cannot verify these allegations independently, then why publish it in the first place?

Obviously it was that moment when NDTV got at least something to try to frame the BJP government by some how linking the story with Amit Shah and then finally to PM Narendra Modi. After all this drama, NDTV seems to have deleted a story run by them, which has accused the BJP Government of 4000% increase in loans to Jay Shah.

Has the so called reality check of journalism failed? Is the story not giving enough TRP as expected? Or is NDTV not able to make up more stories out of it? Has NDTV, the vanguard of Fearless Journalism failed to take its firm stand? Or did NDTV think that running this story is not worth a 100 crore defamation?

Hopefully after deleting the story we don’t get to see a new drama by NDTV that this story was deleted because the Income Tax department raided their Media house.