NDTV’s Lie On Uttar Pradesh Police Arresting Donkeys Exposed

A few hours ago NDTV published a report saying “Donkeys jailed for 4 days in Uttar Pradesh” . This seemed to be yet another attempt to defame the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh.

The report said:

In Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun district, convicts of a different kind walked out from the Urai jail on Monday. A herd of eight donkeys.

Their crime was a costly one for they destroyed expensive plants outside the jail compound.

The four-legged criminals had to spend four days behind the bars for their offence. The plants reportedly cost jail authorities several lakhs.

These donkeys had destroyed some very expensive plants which our senior officer had arranged for planting inside jail and despite warnings the owner let loose his animals here so we detained the donkeys, head constable RK Mishra told news agency ANI

But now UP Police has given a befitting reply to NDTV for spreading this rumor:

After this sounding slap on NDTV by UP Police, the fake journalist, who wrote this came up with below lame argument.

This was welcomed and responded back with another sounding slap by UP Police.

Finally, the fake journo surrendered with another lame argument to catch baddies(who-probably the fake journo will know better)

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