Nehru-Feroze family members have no shame at all

Indira Congress with the hand symbol, calling itself by a name that does not historically belong to it – Indian National Congress (INC, whose symbol was the manual spinning wheel) – and ridden with scams since the Hindu-phobic Nehru’s days till the very recent 3G, Coalgate, National Herald, Agusta-Westland, etc. does not possibly have any legal authority to exist. If an outright name-stealing criminal entity can exist legally, it does not definitely have the moral and ethical authority to exist. Yet, not only they exist, they thrive and prosper on scam money defrauded from the public exchequer, and shockingly they go around defaming others. For example:

Previously, the current president of the Indira Congress has used some un-parliamentary epithets such as “chowkidar chor hai”. Now he has continued on, further. So it is time to bell the fat half-Italian cat that not only steals people’s hard earned bread and butter through its family-property political-party’s various scams but names of respectable and revered freedom fighters too.

The story is that the husband of Indira Nehru, before getting married to her had joined the then Indian National Congress (INC) and had become enamored with MK Gandhi that he changed his own name to Feroze Gandhi from Feroze Jehangir. That is, he abandoned his family surname or father’s name and adopted the name of the then-popular leader. So claims a footnote in Ramachandra Guha’s book, which is quoted by Wikipedia as well. Apart from that, there is no other evidence or even some credible hearsay evidence for this new name of Feroze Jehangir. No evidence of gazette publication of the name change or an official declaration and publication of it, which are a legal requirement. All seems a mystery to the observers.

Then, he supposedly fell in love with Indira Nehru, which both Nehru and Indira apparently rejected initially. However, it is claimed that he was later successful in wooing Indira and convincing Nehru as is obvious from their eventual wedding. Then, again it is not clear when Indira started using the so-called “adopted surname” of Feroze Jehangir, Gandhi. Of course, the crowning of Nehru as the prime minister and the soon-after assassination of Gandhi must have cleared any roadblocks to the free use of the surname. Then, as everybody knows is cliched history, Indira Feroze-Nehru came to be known as Indira Gandhi.

For every honest person in this world, it should raise the question of how come a single family that benefited the most from Gandhi’s assassination also got his surname, in spite of being unrelated to him either maritally or through a blood relationship.

Till date, the entire clan is called the Gandhis by almost everybody across India and beyond. Why and how? Is India a civilized nation with laws against fraud? Yes, then how do #NameChors strut around abusing others as chors? Now, will Priaynaka Vadras will also be called Priyanka Gandhi? Will she be the latest addition to the #NameChors club, or is she there already?

Do Indians have any shame for letting this happen unfettered? Is India a lawless jungle raj?

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