Newly surfaced footages show Congress logo inside Cambridge Analytica offices

The Congress party has been denying any connection with Britain based Cambridge analytica ever since Christopher Wylie, a former employee of the political consultancy firm, alleged that the company illegally uses Facebook data to analyze public mood for various political parties.

But now some footages of an interview of Cambridge Analytica’s CEO Alexander Nix that surfaced across media on Wednesday suggests that Congress indeed has some relations with the company and they are quite deep.

Footages of the interview that was shot inside the office of Alexander Nix, showed a framed logo of Congress party hanging behind. Now the question is being raised at that if Congress was not a client of the firm then why did it’s CEO decided to feature their logo in his office?

The logo of Congress party that is seen, in the Cambridge Analytica’s CEO office consists of their election symbol along with tagine “governance for all.”

Whistleblower Christopher Wylie has said that Congress party was one of the clients of Cambridge Analytica, however Congress constantly denied to have used any of the firm’s services. In a stunning admission to the digital, cultural, media and sports committee in the House of Commons, Wylie had named the Congress party in India as the Cambridge Analytica “client”.

Ever since Wylie first spoke up against his former employer, both the BJP and Congress have been blaming each other of using the services. But now the latest revelations seems to have given the BJP an edge in the ongoing blame game. It remains to be seen what the Congress party’s answer would be on how their logo made it’s way straight into Cambridge Analytica’s office.