Newslaundry and it’s fake news saga

Soon after SatyaVijayi published the article debunking the lies told by Arundhati Roy in her latest interview with BBC, we were pretty sure that it would raise a lot of eyebrows in the leftist-liberal gang. And that is exactly what happened…

A couple of days back a left-leaning website named Newslaundry posted a video on YouTube claiming that our website spreads fake news. However, they did not address any of our claims whatsoever. For starters, Newslaundry is a self-proclaimed news portal which allegedly ‘fact checks’ and ‘critiques’ mainstream media. But, quite a few times Newslaundry’s fact-checking is replete with flaws and they have been caught red-handed spreading fake news, propaganda and even bigotry too.

Let’s have a look at some of the lies and propaganda peddled by them.

1. In 2015 they published an article titled “BJP’s fringe elements”. The by-line of the article spoke about “BJPs MPs and MLAs”. The Intro to the article also mentioned BJP MPs and MLAs. But they put Sadhvi Prachi on the list too, who is not a member of BJP.

2. In 2016, they deliberately misquoted PM Modi to project him as anti-Dalit. This is what he actually said, “Earlier, whenever an accident would take place the news would be in so-and-so village, an accident took place in which a truck and a cycle rider, got injured, expired…”; Slowly, things changed, “in so-and-so village, in the day, due to rash driving, drunk driver, crushed an innocent person, “crushed“.” Slowly, reporting changed and became: “BMW car, crushes one Dalit “. Sir forgive me, but the person in the BMW car didn’t know that the victim was a Dalit. But we set fire to such matters. An accident should be reported, if worth making a headline, it should be made as a headline….”

3. As if fake news wasn’t enough, some columnists at Newslaundry also promote religious bigotry. Last year a Newslaundry columnist named Jas Oberoi asked the BJP spokesperson of Delhi, Tejinder Bagga to give up Sikhism for celebrating Hindu festivals. Oberoi also passed Hinduphobic remarks. He called Hindu festivals and idol worship as superstitious. According to him, Bagga was a disgrace to the Sikh community for celebrating Hindu festivals.

4. The same columnist, Jas Oberoi, was also caught spreading propaganda against PM Modi on Twitter. He passed off a 2016 video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting Sayed Fakhar Kazmi Chisty of Ajmer Sharif, as a recent video in November 2017. He claimed that PM Modi was trying to appease the Muslim community for the upcoming Gujrat elections.

But he was caught red-handed on Twitter itself by another user.

5. Jas Oberoi, isn’t done yet. He was yet again caught selling half-baked lies on Twitter in January this year. Here is what happened, late judge Loya’s son, Anuj Loya held a press conference, where he appealed to the NGOs, politicians and lawyers to stop harassing him and his family. He said that he had no suspicion about any foul play in the death of his father. Loya was the special Central Bureau of Investigation judge presiding over the trial of BJP President Amit Shah in the alleged fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Kauser Bi. In the video of the press conference, a friend of the Loya family thanked a person named ‘Amit’ for arranging the press conference. Oberoi jumped to the conclusion that the person mentioned in the video was Amit Shah. He claimed that Shah forced Loya’s son to keep mum on the foul play in his father’s death.

Soon this fake news spread like a wildfire, and Oberoi was retweeted by many, including Arvind Kejriwal. Later, it turned out that the person who arranged the press conference was, Anuj Loya’s lawyer, ‘Amit Naik’, not Amit Shah.

However, when Newslaundry columnist Jas Oberoi was presented with facts and asked to apologise for spreading fake news, he arrogantly refused, suggesting that he might have lied on purpose.

6. In April this year, Newslaundry published an article regarding the rise of BJP in the north-east. But, when Madhu Trehan, the editor-in-chief of Newslaundry, shared the article on twitter, Patricia Mukhim the editor of the Shillong times, alleged that the article was ‘largely concocted.’ The article mentioned a journalist named Wilfred Lyndoh, but Mukhim contested that no such person exists. She also said that the author had passed off her own views as those of north-easterners. After being caught red-handed, Newslaundry removed the fake news article from their website.

In spite of being guilty of spreading fake news time and again, Newslaundry has the audacity to sling mud at others. In their latest video titled, Clothesline Episode 84: Where are you in the fake news universe?”, they portrayed SatyaVijayi as a fake news website. At 8:26 minutes in the video, displaying SatyaVijayi’s logo in the background, the presenter, Madhu Trehan says, “if it is a website sharing false news, tag it on your social media page and take out your bhadas (frustration), with the message why it is a false news and what your source is…”

Ironically, Trehan was just too lazy to address any of claims before dissing us. Given that websites like ours, catch Newslaundry and likes red-handed peddling lies, no wonder they hate us. And we will make sure that they continue to do so until and unless they stop peddling lies.