NIA Finds PFI links in Love Jihad.

Thiruvananthapuram: After the Supreme Court ordered National Investigation Agency (NIA) to probe into the Kerala Love Jihad matter, and explore if there is a conspiracy to convert vulnerable Hindu women into Islam.

Today the NIA came out with some successful results as the counter – terrorism organization, identified 12 men who are involved in Love Jihad Syndicate and most of them are said to be members of Islamic fundamentalist organization, Popular front of India.

The case was brought to Supreme Court after, Kerala high Court ruled the marriage of Shafin Jahan to Akhila Ashokhan who took the name Hadiya, after converting to Islam to be invalid and a case of Love Jihad. It must be noted that Shafin is alleged to have links with ISIS. According to reports there is a full fledged Syndicate going on in Kerala to radicalize Hindu women, convert them into Islam and then recruit them for ISIS.