NIA unearthing deep roots of ISIS in Tamil Nadu: Raids at ten places, gadgets and weapons recovered

The National Investigation Agency in its crackdown on ISIS modules and sympathisers in the Tamil Nadu and other southern states, carried out raids at ten different locations. In the searches, apart from radical speeches and literature, the agency seized 3 laptops, 3 hard discs, 16 mobile phones, 8 SIM cards, 2 pen drives, 5 memory cards, a card reader and two knives.

The searches were conducted after the agency received information about around ten radical people, who through a WhatsApp group were planning an attack. This is not the very time when connections between Tamil Nadu and ISIS were found. Haja Fakkruddin, a resident of Cuddalore had in early 2014 left for Syria through Singapore to be part of the ISIS.

This was followed by a series of events related to the group and there was an image on the social media that went viral, in which several youth were seen posing with ISIS merchandise.

In its 2016 chargesheet, the National Investigation speaks about the role of Mohammad Naseer, a computer engineer in his mid 20s. Naseer was heading to Libya from Sudan, but was apprehended and later deported to India.

He did his computer engineering from the MNM college in Chennai. It was at this time that he would visit a mosque at Chennai which was run by the Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath, non-political Islamic Organisation that preaches a puritanical version of Islam.

They NIA and other agencies have intensified their efforts ever since the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, in which ISIS involvements were found.