The abusive and biased echo-chambers of Nidhi Razdan

So, here’s how NDTV Journalist Nidhi Razdan refutes to name calling on being confronted on her recent international mess!!!

Seems like being shut down by President Obama at the Obama Foundation town hall was not good enough, NDTV Journalist uses her twitter handle to broadcast her version of the episode with an array of all the possible misconstrued notions and questions!

She calls herself a ‘fan girl’ of the President barring few differences and how she admires his poise and honourable conduct. All good so far, until, she talks about how she meant to attend the event as one among the 300 young leaders and keep her journalist persona away. What a brutal lie!!!

In the event, when President Obama selects her for a question, her pride is short lived when he asks her to stop after she glorified herself as an NDTV Journalist, hoping for some brownie points. When she repeatedly tried squeezing in her question, she was again requested to stop. But this time slyly, the President adds on to say that he believes she is very ‘professional’, a possible attempt on sarcasm perhaps?

But sure, this is not how Nidhi Razdan perceives the episode. In her blog, she tries and clarify that she was not on any assignment, we want to ask, why does she need to do so? Guilt of trespassing suddenly dawned on her?

Coming to the question which she was eager to sneak in was when the President spoke about ‘echo-chambers’, the dangers of technology and how people may stop listening to each other out of their strong biased minds. Nidhi Razdan’s question on this whole idea shows her narrow perception of a larger scenario as stated by President:

You spoke about echo chambers online and its dangers. I want to know how we can overcome that at a bigger level, where the world is turning more towards hyper-nationalism and taking a turn towards the right. How can we all engage with each other, and how do liberals in particular come out of their echo chambers so that we can understand why, for example, Donald Trump was elected?

Her question tries to focus on how she is concerned that echo-chambers, particularly, the online ones which are an issue behind the hyper-nationalism coming out of the ‘right’ and how was President Donald Trump elected?

What does she expect in answer to this? Donald Trump is a Sanghi backed by a saffronized nation? Is that all her mind can construe when President Obama could have meant to focus on technology perils as a whole world challenge? And why is she concerned about the online echo-chambers when the very existence of her and personalities of the same likes are surviving the social media fury, thanks to their paid and proficient echo-chambers. Seriously Lady!!!, it’s not wise to cut the branch you are hanging from!

When SatyaVijayi Co-founder, Prakash R, pointed out the embarrassment she gained on an international forum, she merely resorts to name-calling. What was she expecting on twitter, that her echo-chambers will echo her thoughts and praise her so-called professionalism:

When her stand further infuriated twitter members:

By far, Nidhi Razdan, you may have a long way to go and create a stronger echo-chamber of your own if you want to survive opinion of our people.