Nidhi Razdan, the serial Twitter abuser strikes again…

Few months selected individuals, specially those belonging to the left end of the political spectrum raised a storm on social media because Prime Minister Narendra Modi had followed some abusive Twitter handles. A well orchestrated campaign was carried out, asking people to un-follow the Prime Minister of the country in Twitter.

The individuals who protested against the Prime Minister of India for following abusive accounts or trolls, included some prominent journalists, intellectuals and politicians. That entire campaign against Prime Minister was in the aftermath of Gauri Lankesh’s murder. When you imagine those weeks and incidents which followed the murder of Gauri Lankesh, one prominent personality who instantly comes to mind is journalist Nidhi Razdan.

The famous host of Left-Right and Center, on NDTV was very vocal against the Prime Minister for following the so-called trolls. She held numerous debates on her show about how some people and specially the right wingers use abusive language on social media. However after murder of Gauri Lankesh, there was an equal amount of mud-slinging from both the ends of spectrum. Those on the left were no less abusive than their right counterparts.

Nidhi Razdan who was very vocal against such abusive language, has been spotted several times in twitter using similar language. The latest example being her little conversation with an international issue expert Sushant Sareen on Twitter.

Recently, Sushant replied to one of of Nidhi Razdan’s tweets, where she had claimed that all her income tax details have been hacked. Sushant’s reply to Nidhi suggested that her tweet was about a false mail claiming to be from PMO, which Nidhi might have received and perhaps fallen prey for the scam.

Sushant’s suggestion of being precautions of phishing scam is a very common practice, especially to those who are aware of these happenings. In response to Sushant’s well mannered guidance, Nidhi, who ironically once wasn’t allowed to ask a question for being a journalist, used a certain kind of language which can only be termed as abusive and derogatory.

Unfortunately after construing that Sushant Sareen was accusing her of being “dumb” and “Bimbo”, Nidhi pointed out his mere opinion as male chauvinism by terming his comment as “shove your manspailing”. She did not just stop there but went on to call a fellow Twitterati as “jerk.”

Abusive language is not acceptable and should not be tolerated from anyone, be it Left, Right or center. Social Media is a place to exchange ideas, it is not a place to abuse each other. But things are becoming worrisome recently, not because the so-called troll accounts are abusive in nature, but prominent people who have the precious verified blue tick start communicating only in abusive language.