Nidhi Razdan and her team, deliberately truncated facts given by Rajat Sethi in a TV debate

Political parties have had their own ideologies and way or means to secure vote. But then, these days it is easier to figure out the open war among News Channels, with their own twisted ideologies for political gains. Every News channel have their fixed way to secure TRP.

Instead of unadulterated News, what comes is a series of fabricated, edited News item which is defined to suit their agendas. Votes to political parties are same as TRP for a News channel. News channels have become nothing different than a political party with their specific agenda and political backing.

These days News Anchors, openly exhibit rivalry amongst each other, for the TRP is very crucial. The war goes to such an extent that certain New Anchors go below the dignity of their profession and use abusive words.

The News as well as the debates are edited to impose the News channel’s agenda on the viewers. NDTV has it’s own propaganda of fake news which SatyaVijayi has exposed on many occasions. But these days, from manufacturing fake news, NDTV seems to be more interested in fabricating and editing television debates to suit their needs.

In one such incident the debate host Nidhi Razdan, with her pseudo liberal agenda, did not allow Rajat Sethi from India Foundation to air his views. Not only did she manage to stop him from presenting his views but also NDTV seems to have ensured that his views are not aired on their channel, which is rather shocking.

When he did speak, the clip has been edited and truncated from the debate. Here is the video given below:-

SatyaVijayi reached out to Rajat Sethi and he said, “Nidhi and her Editorial team did it deliberately. I was not allowed to present my facts. Ambassador kept mocking at me needlessly without answering anything. I hope true details behind Rohingyas Muslim Refugees are brought out”.

“At last, when he said that he was only presenting a theory, I wonder what theory was it that had no facts” he added. Rajat Sethi also hinted the way, Former Diplomat K C Singh, was mocking him as “Mr. Evidences” in a totally disparaging way, since K C Singh was unable to counter any points which were presented by him.

NDTV, as it clearly seems, is behind an agenda to take Rohingyas Muslim Refugees in India despite several facts proving the Rohingyas Muslims are security threat to India. The two tapes shared below from Times Now, shows how Rohingyas are trying to create an Army of one Lakh youth to fight. In tape one released the speaker on the stage is seen urging crowd about creating an army of one lakh youth to take revenge on the Mynamar Government.

In second tape, there are children shouting slogans of Jihad and their intention to hand Aung San Suu Kyi, as a revenge for the alleged genocide of Rohingya Muslims. The children seem to have been brainwashed, to be ready to give up their life for this aim.

But, Subramanian Swamy certainly seems to be asking the right questions.

These tapes expose the existing threat to National Security. Imagine these children growing up to an Army which is intended to wage war against the Nation. Imagine this youth getting trained to kill our youth. Still the Pseudo Secular brigade who were talking about humanity are ready to take Rohingyas Muslims as refugees in India.