Nitin Gadkari slams those who don’t fulfil promises, opposition asks ‘who is he referring to’

Union Road Transport and Highway Minister, Nitin Gadkari on Sunday, launched a scathing attack on leaders who make false commitments to the people. He said that he doesn’t believe in making false promises and that he fulfils whatever he says.

“Politicians who sell dreams are liked by the people. But if those dreams don’t materialize, then people beat those netas up. Therefore, only sell those dreams which are deliverable. I am not one of those who sell dreams. No reporter can question me. What I say is fulfilled 100 per cent,” said Gadkari.

The opposition got fodder to attack the BJP after this cryptic comment by the Union minister and asked ‘who is Gadkari referring to’. The BJP however later clarified that Gadkari’s comments were in reference to Congress and its President, Rahul Gandhi.

This is not the first time Gadkari has made such cryptic comments. Days after the saffron party’s loss in the assembly elections in three states he had said leadership should own up to defeat and failures and added that defeat is an orphan which nobody wants to accept. His statement rattled the BJP leadership following which he claimed that he had noticed sinister campaign by some opposition parties and a section of the media that twisted his statements out of context to create a rift between him and the BJP leadership.

“I have been clarifying my position at various forums and shall continue to do so and expose these nefarious designs of our detractors,” Gadkari had tweeted.