No bail for those caught with banned firecrackers in Kolkata

In a recent announcement, Kolkata police has stated that this year during Diwali celebrations, those caught with banned firecrackers will not be granted bail. Further, if required the arrested people will be presented before a court, from where they would have to seek bail.

“In case of use of banned crackers, we will not provide bail from police stations this year. If required, we will produce the offender in court from where they have to seek bail,” said a senior police officer in the city. The reports also say that 76 kgs of banned firecrackers were seized by the police from Jhinjhirabazar area bordering Kolkata.

The Kolkata police announcement is interesting due to the fact that as per Supreme Court order, usage of firecrackers is not banned anywhere in the country apart from Delhi-NCR region.

While the apex court in its order had banned production of conventional firecrackers and said that only green-crackers can be manufactured, it did not ban the usage of already available firecrackers. Complete ban on the usage of firecrackers has only been banned in Delhi-NCR, a region which is heavily affected by air pollution. In simple words, SC order does not stop the citizens of Kolkata from bursting already available firecrackers in the market.

This means, The Kolkata police has either misunderstood the Supreme Court order or it is a decision solely taken by them. It should also be noted that the green-crackers, which has been allowed by Supreme Court to be used in Delhi-NCR, is still under development and are yet available in the markets.