No One Killed Rohith Vemula then Himself and his Unstable Mind

Who really killed Rohith Vemula??
An analysis of Rohith Vemula’s facebook profile gives one all the answers to questions that otherwise seem unanswered..
From circa 2010 to 2015.. the five years which saw a total transformation of rohith Vemula from a young lad with dreams in his eyes to a political goon charged with beating up his campus mate to a weak in the head guy who finally ended his life by hanging from the roof in the cold loneliness of his hostel room. The very hostel campus from which he and his 4 other batchmates were expelled a few months ago for indiscipline and violence.
So what actually drove this young man to a journey from patriotism to dirty politics, to hate to anti nationalism to anti establishment ideology to campus violence and lawlessness to his final destination in his violent act of suicide.

The facebook wall of HCU student rohith vemula begins in 2010.
And the posts are somewhat like this
He is happy on getting admission into HCU , finds the environment superb, people are friendly and says he has made a few new friends too.The walls of His hostel room are decorated with photographs of swami vivekananda.
He shares pictures of a child dressed as baby krishna in the arms of a burqa clad woman
He jokes about adam and eve and questions thus ‘if adam and eve were never born then why do they have navels”

He dreams of driving a ferrari.. maybe someday he would have..
Loves ogling at nubile telugu girls on campus
He loves his country india


He shares a lot of patriotic songs on his wall around 15th August.
He shares posts of soldiers during diwali
He is impressed by the solar project of Shri Narendra Modi

He shares a cartoon by manoj kureel in which he shows media stuck at 2002 and silent on Assam riots.

Cut to 2012 .. he starts supporting the Anna Hazare movement and starts attacking the congress

He cracks jokes on Rahul Gandhi
He even shares the critique if Sri Subramaninan Swamy on the Congress.
He also demands death penalty of rapists post nirbhaya rape

99_He wants to be Carl Sagan of India
Between 2010 to 2012 he shares and writes numerous science facts,theories and, one liners
Nearing 2013. He starts getting drawn towards Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP and becomes their avid supporter. The entire thought process of this young student changes after this..

His friends change
His ideals change
After 2013 his posts on science and scientific ideas begin to gradually reduce
And slowly are extinct
As he gets drawn towards politics and the AAP his thinking starts undergoing a transformation.
He is now beginning to oppose the death sentence of yakub memon

He begins to support the owaisi mindset
And starts to find a political equation with the radical ambedkar students association (ASA)
A close study of rohits facebook wall reveals a lot about the kind of dirty political cobweb that he had gotten himself entangled into after 2012 which were obviously at variance from his basic thought process and ideals.
One fine day he gets into a fracas with ABVP activists in the campus and beats the poor guy black and blue..who lands up in the ICU
A police complaint is made where he is made the prime accused. Case is listed for hearing at the HC on 25th Jan 2016

Faced with so much turmoil and then the pressure of living upto the expectations of his family , his political leanings ,his brush with the law,his association with the AAP and Owaisi all this gets too much for him to handle
And he decides to end his life.

Rohits truth is there. On his Facebook wall for all to see.

In a befitting response the union HRD minister Smt Smriti Zubin Irani in a press conference on the issue of the suicide of the HCU student

— In the aftermath of a young life cut short, I express my grief over the death of Rohith.

— A group of students allegedly attacked another student, we have ascertained that this is not a Dalit vs non-Dalit confrontation.

— There has been a malicious attempt to project the issue as a caste battle.Truth is that, it is not:

— I am here to clear certain misrepresentation of facts on the suicide of Rohith.

— The students challenged the order of suspension from hostel, HC refused to put a stay on the order.

— Executive Council was not formed by the government, they are nominees of the previous government.

— The students challenged the order of suspension from the hostel, HC refused to put a stay on the order.

— This is not a case of a Dalit being targetted. This is a malicious bid to portray the case as a Dalit vs non Dalit case.

— They are some media debates which claim a particular suicide note. We requested a copy from local police.

— This suicide note does not mention an MP, any University official or an organisation.

— Letter from Congress MP Hanumantha Rao shows that such incidents were happening in past 4 years as well.

— Let us be extremely responsible, its easy to ignite passion.

By-Lokesh Saxena