No Permission to Start Illegal Slaughter Homes in Bengaluru, RTI by Girish Bharadwaj

An RTI query by Girish Bharadwaj has revealed that the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, BBMP – has only 3 slaughterhouses in Bengaluru. Satyavijayi has the copy of the reply given by the office. It has also revealed that it has not given ‘permission’ to start any other slaughter houses in the RTI reply given from the office of the Joint Director (Animal Husbandry), BBMP.

The BBMP has clearly said that there is no permission to start illegal slaughter houses; such private slaughter houses are deemed to be illegal and those who have started it will have to pay a heavy penalty to the BBMP, besides facing consequences of law. In October-2017, a mob attacked women animal rights activists in Thalaghattapura. According to a rough estimate there are more than 500 illegal slaughter houses spread across the city.

Illegal slaughter houses are punishable under the IPC and also under the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation Act, 1964. The owners of such illegal slaughter houses are also anti-social elements and vested interests with political backing from a National party.

The slaughter houses are a well-heeled nexus between local politicians who get a share of the profits from these illegal slaughter houses. The Karnataka Government with its minority appeasement has ensured that no stringent action is taken against such illegal slaughter houses, except for a few raids in Bengaluru.

Questions Asked in the RTI Reply from the Office of the Joint Director (BBMP) – Animal Husbandry Department
Number of Licensed Animal Slaughter Houses

In BBMP Jurisdiction in Bengaluru with their


Under BBMP jurisdiction there are three slaughter houses

Tannery Road, Pottery Road and Usman Khan Road.

Licenses given in the recent past to animal slaughter houses No such licenses have been issued
What are the criterion; provisions; parameters; conditions needed to start illegal slaughter houses Slaughter houses cannot be started in BBMP


What action is being envisaged against illegal slaughter houses Two teams are working actively to identify illegal slaughter houses and action will be taken against such persons under provisions of law.


What does the Act say?

Under Section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960 Sl.No (3) clearly says that Animals not to be slaughtered except in recognized or licensed houses and bars the culling of anmals which is

  1. i) pregnant
  2. ii) has an offspring which is less than 3 months old

iii) is under the age of three months

It also specifies for Sanitary Drainage lines from toilet pans and urinals shall not be connected with other drainage lines within the plant and not discharge into a grease catch basin and such lines shall be installed so that if leakage develops, it shall not affect the product or the equipment.

The act also says that No owner or occupier of a slaughterhouse shall engage a person for slaughtering animals unless he possesses a valid license or authorisation issued by the municipal or other local authority. Such provisions are hardly followed by illegal slaughter houses which use unscientific, inhumane methods of culling animals.


These illegal slaughter houses are also causing contagious diseases; besides polluting water bodies. The carcasses of the animals are throw into Storm Water Drains causing pollution to the bodies and polluting water bodies.

Nemesis to local residents

Mr.Nagendran, who lives in Shivajinagar says the stench emanating from such illegal slaughter houses is very bad for the health of residents. “When we approached them to stop the slaughterhouses, we were threatened”, he says. “They spoke to us rudely and used unparliamentary language” he said.


In a petition filed by Kavitha Jain and by Gau Gyan Foundation it was alleged that such illegal slaughter houses had not taken cognizance of the magistrate court and Karnataka High Court on their complaint of cattle kept illegally for slaughter. The Congress Government which is relying heavily on ‘minority appeasement’ to fight anti-incumbency is soft on this issue and procrastinating to take action against illegal slaughter houses in the city.