“I am no more Sarkari babu”- Govt Servant explains Sarcastically what has changed in Modi Govt

A Government employee who has written an excellent post on Quora when someone asked what has changed in the way the government functions fir central government employees ever since Modi has taken over the reign of the government from the previous UPA 2 government run by Sonia Gandhi with Manmohan Singh as the placeholder PM. Here’s the answer:

I prefer to be Anonymous….

Things changed in Modi (So called Best Government)

  1. What is this, we are humans, how can you expect someone to come to office by 9.00 ??
  2. Why did the lunch break’s has been reduced to 45 mins, instead of hours on hours ??
  3. Why i have to deliver results ? hell.. I am in government job.
  4. Why i have to meet my targets ?
  5. What the hell, is it a IT company, Why punch in punch out time are being monitored. ” I was just half day late, and you charged me a half day leave “
  6. Actual time of working is 9.0 to 6.00 not 9.00 to 9.00
  7. Why are we suppose to work on Weekends ?

So here is my experience working with PM Modi.

As i am working with one of the ministries, I prefer to be anonymous otherwise may be i can lose my job. As working in coal ministry for more than 15 year, this is the difference i feel very dramatically.

  1. Time schedule: we have thumb impression machine that note down in time and out time during the day.
  2. No more late meetings: To my utter surprise, when our ministry had first meeting with Mr. Modi, he on time for meeting. Even our minister and some officers were not present in meeting on that time, as they are used to come late for meetings. He actually started meeting and conclude on time frame giving initially. He was well informed about our department than our own minister.
  3. No nonsense: In all meeting i observed him taking notes, and than in next meeting he ask for progress about work discussed in last meeting
  4. Work culture change: As we used to work in govt job mode, we have to change it. It’s not about how hard you work, it’s about how smartly you work.
  5. Personal notes to employee: I had my son birthday few days back. I stuck with some urgent work in office and i fell  very frustrated about it and shout to my juniors during the meeting with PM. Next day to my total surprise my son received a greeting card hand written by PM himself, to say birthday wishes  and sorry about my engagement on work on his special day. And yes i got one day off to make it for my son.
  6. work load: We have alot of work load now as present govt is more result oriented. Sometime it’s difficult to even get week end off, which i will really want to change.

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