Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Blocks Twitter User for Asking Justice for Hindu Girls

The abduction and forceful religious conversion of two Hindu girls in Pakistan’s Sindh has become a matter of international concern with minority rights constantly decaying in the subcontinental nation. However, Pakistan’s noble peace prize holder Malala Yousafzai is apparently not interested at all in speaking up about the matter, let alone condemning.

An Indian twitter user who goes by the username Krishna, asked noble laureate Malala about her views on the forced conversion incident and asked for her support to ensure justice for the victims. “@malala two Hindu girls of your age were kidnapped from their home, were molested and forcefully converted to your religion, Islam. The world should know about this barbaric act by Islamists. Please RT in support of those two poor Hindu girls. Thank you,” he asked.

However instead of giving any replies to the tweet or retweeting it, Malala very surprisingly blocked the twitter user.

Meanwhile, journalist Aarti Tikoo Singh also called out Malala over her pin drop silence on the matter, and requested to raise voice for the two gullible Hindu girls in Pakistan. “Dear @Malala, if & when you are a bit free from your busy schedule, please do raise your voice for girls like Raveena & Reena who are forcibly converted & married to the men waiting to rape them. Do listen to the helpless cries of their father & dare to question Pakistan Army,” she wrote.

The two girls were kidnapped by a group of “influential” men from their home in Ghotki district in Sindh on the eve of Holi. Soon after the kidnapping, a video went viral in which a cleric was purportedly shown solemnising the Nikah (marriage) of the two girls.

According to media reports, the Hindu community in the area staged protests, demanding action against perpetrators of the alleged crime.

India has been raising the issue of the plight of minorities, particularly the Hindu community in Pakistan.