Nobody was forced to chant “Jai Shree Ram,” fight broke out over cricket match: UP Police on Unnao case

Recently, tensions escalated in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao over rumours that some madrasa boys were beaten up by Hindu boys for not chanting “Jai Shri Ram.” So much so that the Imam of a Masjid in Unnao had went on to issue warning for the administration, saying that if the guilty are not punished then “unprecedented action” would be observed.

However now it is being learnt that no one was forced raise any religious slogans, and that Hindu and Muslim boys had fought over a cricket match.

According to the enquiry conducted by UP police, it has been found that a fight had broken out between two groups while playing cricket. In a press conference where ADG (LO) P V Ramaswamy and IG (LO) Praveen Kumar were present, they denied that anybody was forced to chant any religious slogan, and said that it was a fight between two groups on the playground that had turned violent.

This is not the first time when such a rumour was spread to create rift between communities and the same was also pointed out by the police. Earlier also such misleading news was spread in Kanpur, Aligarh and other places to create communal tension.

Three students sustained injuries when the students of Darul Uloom Faiz-E-Aam in Unnao were playing cricket at the GIC ground.