#NoConversion: Video shows INSULTING Propaganda against Hindus by Christian Missionaries

Propaganda image 1

India has a twisted definition of Secularism. Here, saying something AGAINST Hindus is okay but even a correct comment on Muslims or Christians is communal. Here, converting people from Hinduism to Christianity or Islam is the right of other religions. But converting Muslims or Christians to Hinduism is dividing the country. Here, appeasing Muslims and making parties pandering to Muslims is okay. But having a Hindu party or organization is communal.

Christian missionaries have been active in India for a long time. They have used all the methods, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical, to try and convert Hindus to Christianity. You would have surely seen how they do fake healings on stage to show the might of Jesus.

Today we bring to you a propaganda video that is used to convert Hindus by showing Hinduism as a religion of black magic. Here’s the video:


Just as their fake healings are false, this testimonial is definitely false.

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