North Indian voters are not as educated as the voters in the South: Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed comes up with bizzare theory on why the BJP gets support in North India

Appearing for a panel discussion on exit poll results, Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed recently came up with a bizzare and apperantly racist theory on why the BJP receives support from the people in North India. Shama Mohamed said that North Indian people are not educated enough like their South Indian counterparts and hence easily buy into television propaganda.

“North Indian voters are pliable, they are not as educated as the voters in the South, they listen to the media,” Shama said.

The opposition parties and leaders appear to be rattled after the exit poll results were released on Sunday evening. All of the polls unanimously predicted that the BJP led NDA government will be forming the next government in 2019.

Ever since the exit poll results, leaders from the opposition have come up with with various conspiracy theories. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee suggested that the exit polls are false and are only an attempt to divert people’s attention while BJP tampers with the EVMs placed in strong rooms.

On the other hand, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan claimed that he doubts foreign hand behind the exit poll results.