Not a single mis-match between EVM and VVPAT tally: Election Commission

Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, the opposition had raised a huge furore over the EVMs saying that they are being tampered to favour the BJP. They demanded that 100% EVMs and VVPATs be matched to rule out all the doubts.

However now as the process of counting is well over and the process of forming the next government under Narendra Modi’s leadership has already started, it is being learnt that apprehensions wrong, there was not a single mis-match between EVMs and VVPATs.

After the counting was done, it was found that there wasn’t a single case of a mismatch between the VVPAT slip and the EVM count, according to Election Commission data.
The report was submitted by Chief Electoral Officers from across states. According to CEOs, there wasn’t a single mismatch reported anywhere out of the 20,625 VVPATs that were tallied.

This is a record that has been maintained since VVPATs were first brought in from 2013-14.