Not Even Half the Seats Booked for Prime Time Show !! See the Bad Condition of “Dilwale” in Different Cities….

You barely find a seat available in the cinema on the release of the 1st day of any Shahrukh Khan movie. But this time the case looks somewhat different. Shahrukh Khan has suffered a severe black-lash after his statement that “India is Extremely Intolerant”. A movement to boycott his upcoming movie “Dilwale” started. We look at the availability of seats in different multiplexes in different cities and that too during the Prime Time:

Note: The green outlined boxes in the images resemble the Available Seats

Allahabad: Seats are Easily Available for the 9 pm Prime Time Show in PVR 

Dilwale Allahabad 1Mumbai: More than Half the Seats are Available for the 8:45 PM Show in Big Cinemas 

Dilwale MumbaiNCR: Seats are Easily Available for the 8:15 PM Show in Wave, Noida 
dilwale noida
NCR: Seats are easily available for the 10:15 PM Show in Wave, Noida 

dilwale noida 2

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