Not In My Name protesters, please don’t do this fake protest in our name

From a last few days a new kind of protests are going on, The Not In My Name protest. The protests are said to be against the lynching incidents which took place in the last few weeks, but the fact is that lynching is not a new thing, neither it is only happening from last few weeks but this is a very old problem in the country. Almost every week someone gets into a quarrel with another person due to many reasons, it could vary from suspicion of pick-pocketing  to actual fights between people.

Last year a gentleman known as DR. Narang was lynched inside his own house by a mob of illegal immigrants. Few years ago in West Bengal a teenager was pushed out from a running train by a mob of ladies passengers, because he mistakenly got up on the ladies special compartment. Unfortunately the teenager died, where was the protests then? Where these people were back then, when these incidents were taking place?

In the last decade of the previous century, hundreds of Kashmiri Hindus were chased down and lynched in the Kashmir Valley, what these people were doing back then? Why did they suddenly realized that Lynching incidents are happening? When last year because of certain comments made by Kamlesh Tiwari, a mob went on rampaging around the country, why were these people silent then ? Why didn’t they spoke up back then, why they were silent when hundreds of RSS workers were lynched in Kerala? When Rudresh and Indrajit Dutta were lynched in West Bengal by Muslim mobs, why these people did not protested back then? Those killings were allowed in their name’s? What took them so long to hit the roads?

Actually there is a criteria for your cause to be taken up by the fashionable protesters, it should have at least something to do with Gau Rakshaks or beef, if it doesn’t fit their Agenda (#NotInMyAgenda) they will completely ignore it like it never happened, like they did with Police officer Ayub Pandit.

Ayub Pandit was also lynched by mob outside a mosque in Kashmir, just a few days ago. They say that they are protesting against lynching incidents, then why don’t they protest against lynching of Ayub Pandit? The answer is simple, these are no public protests, these are well funded, well organized and well planned, politically motivated selective protest by a certain elite class left liberals, even many political faces like D. Raja of CPIM were present in these protests, the common middle class man of the country has nothing to do with it.

The common man of the country is not new to public protests, even in recent memory during the Anna movement or after the Nirbhaya incident the common man came out on the roads to protest, those were real public protests, they were not organized by a certain people, they were not staged and most importantly they were not selective.

We live in a democratic country, one is free to protest but they should not call their selective politically motivated protest as the protest of the common citizen of the country. Protest as much as you want, but please #NotInOurName