Now in Maharashtra 5 people were beaten to death, the crowd suspected them of stealing a child

In Maharashtra, the crowd beat up five people to death. Reason, the villagers suspected that the five have stolen a child. The incident happened on Sunday. Rumors of a child being stolen in Ranpada village of Dhule district afternoon afternoon.

Villagers suspected the activities of five people at the same time, after which they beat the five with bricks. The unruly mob further took them to a house, where they were badly beaten to death. Police say that the case has been registered on the basis of the victim’s kin complaint.

According to Dhule SP, five people were seen with some people from the government bus in Rainpada area. One had tried to talk to the children in the market, after which some people who had come to the market had started beating those people without asking anything.

Minister of State Deepak Kesarkar said, “We have arrested some people in this case. Strict action will be taken against all. My appeal is to ignore viral posts on social media. The law should not be taken in hand. I will visit dhule on Monday. “

Within hours, a similar incident was reported in Malegaon where a mob mercilessly thrashed four people. It was only after police intercession that they were saved. A police officer said that the victims are undergoing treatment at a local hospital. However, their condition remains critical.

The incident happened in the Azad Nagar police station where, at 11.30 pm, the mob wanted to target five people in connection with the theft of the child. But at the same time some people gave shelter to five victims in a house and informed the police. Malegaon Police got information that mob have surrounded 5 people in suspect of child lifting. After this, the officer reached Akbar Ali Road along with the police squad. Police saw that the crowd was stoning at that house, in which five people had taken shelter.

The stone-slingers were shouting that the child liftets should get a lesson. Even on the request of the police, the crowd did not stop and continued to rain stones. Worried police then called more force, after which all 5 people were rescued from the clutches of the crowd.