NRI Sugathan commits suicide in Kerala after conflict with Communist

Sugathan (65), a native of Ekkarakonam in Pathanapuram, had a workshop in the Gulf, and he planned to relocate to his hometown and start a workshop. He leased out a piece of land form a person near Swagatham Junction in Vilakkudi panchayat limits and built a shed as a first step towards building his workshop there.

Soon he saw his dreams been broken down by the political goons. AIYF, the youth wing of the CPI, came out in protest against this against constructions by wet filling paddy fields. They hoisted their Red Flag in his land.

He was found hanging from the ceiling of the shed in which he planned to start the workshop. Three more ropes tied into a noose were found near the dead body. It is believed that he was planning a mass suicide with his family.

Rajesh, a neighbour of Sugathan said, “Sugathan moved from pillar to post to start his small business, for which he had taken loans also. He was so desperate as his resources were drying up. The Communists wanted hefty bribe which the poor man could not afford. The Communist goons planted their flags and threatened to attack Sugathan and his family members.”

As per Sugathan’s relative he was disturbed due to incident, which shattered his dreams of relocating to his hometown after long years of serving in the Gulf. He is survived by his wife Sarasamma and two sons Sujith and Sunil.