From when did the official Twitter handle of Indian National Congress start behaving like a Troll?

Leadership at any institution should be exemplary in nature, to make it simple it should serve as a role model for the society at large. Political Leaders in a young democracy like India are expected to walk the talk, that too with their heads held high.

Official communication from this Leadership’s organization should function in an unbiased and impartial way. The communication on most occasions should stand out of Political partisanship, one should not be a ‘Bhakt’ as sarcastically suggested by most of the elite these days. Indian National Congress (INC), one of the longest serving political party in India, is crumbling right in front of our eyes in terms of leadership and official communication that comes from this leadership.

It is a known fact that ever since ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ had set the stage in 2014, Congress (INC) is facing one of its biggest droughts in terms of leadership. The mother-son combination of Rahul-Sonia are directly responsible for the generation of a leadership vacuum. This coming from a party which once produced stalwarts like Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Ex-PM Lal Bahadur Shastri and Ex-PM V Narashima Rao.

Right from integrating the Nation into one solid structure from the evil clutches of Colonial British, vanquishing enemies at the Pakistan border to saving Indian from a economic meltdown, these leaders have done it all. More than these leaders themselves, their clear cut communication is what stood out for them. A leader and his organization is always judged by ‘what content they speak, where they choose to speak it and how they manage to express it.’

We all must be aware of the recent twitter wars going on between the IT cells of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress. These wars have reached its climax, especially with Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) recent announcement; post demonetisation 99% of the cash has come back into the Indian banking system.

There are facts, factoids and outright rumors that are being circulated from either of the party’s supporters on demonetisation. While some accuse the Modi Government of doing a futile exercise to overburden the common man, others point out the increase in ability track depositors and crack down on suspicious transactions. From all the content that is circulating, we can only assume that there is an exponential rise of economists in the Indian Twitter ecosystem.

Although it is possible to categorize the content on all these tweets on demonetisation into the ‘troll or non-troll’ category, what stood our for me was this particular tweet from the Official twitter handle of Indian National Congress (@INCIndia).

The tweet is as given below:-

The question put forth by Congress, ‘Which Prime Minister demonetised notes in 2016, causing a loss of trillions of rupees to the nation?’. This question has four choices:-

  1. Moraji Desai
  2. Narendra Modi
  3. Manmohan Singh
  4. AB Vajpayee

The four choices given by Congress not only point to a very obvious answer but it raises some curious questions:-

  1. How is Congress willing to quantify the loss due to demonetisation? In trillions of rupees is it?
  2. How many trillions? Will it care to quantify or does it actually stand by this quantification?
  3. How different is this tweet from many of the trolls who are questioning the success or failure of demonetisation without any facts?
  4. Didn’t Congress at any point of time want to perform demonetisation from 2004-2014?
  5. Is Congress questioning the whole act of demonetisation as a failure or this act by Modi Government on November 8th 2016?

Not only does the above tweet by Congress sound highly cheesy (inferior quality) in nature, but is this the right question to ask from an Official Twitter handle of Congress?

What is even more funny is that the way Congress tweeted a reply to their own tweet with the answer ‘The correct answer is Narendra Modi’. Not only did they reply to their own tweet, but they also re-tweeted their own tweet with the same answer. Probably after 22% of the people voted for Ex-PM Manmohan Singh, the IT cell of Congress got a little nervous and replied the obvious answer from their own handle.

This is not the first instance where Congress have exposed how the party is crumbling in terms of both leadership and communication from its leadership. I have personally written twice on this topic; once on how former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor tried to spread fake news on a facebook post and another instance on How National Spokesperson of Congress, Priyanka Chaturvedi, made a incorrect conclusion on Modi Government’s policy.

Lastly, I would like to leave you all with few funny tweets which exposed the Official Twitter handle of Congress (@INCIndia).